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We also have other companies within the group offering Recruitment services in Thailand

PRTR is recognized as one of Thailand’s most successful independent recruitment companies. We are very proud of our achievements and very confident in our ability to outshine our competitors. Typically, our customer solutions are based on combining our services to create unique solutions which focus on providing sustainable and achievable commercial improvements to our clients’ companies and focus on PRTR’s project management ability. PRTR Recruitment takes pride in understanding not only the supply and demand of management in Thailand but also advising our customers on how to improve their business by effective management of recruitment. PRTR is able to customize and execute a recruitment plan which is specific to the unique demands or general position of each customer, and takes into account any special needs that Thailand may place on that customer. PRTR has retained the loyalty of its customers and maintained long standing relationships over many years through the provision of value-added solutions to meet its customers’ needs.

Our recruitment services include:


PRTR is committed to taking responsibility for our actions and our aim is to optimize the value we add to our clients’ businesses, which in turn ensures PRTR keeps customers.