Past Projects

Performing a background check on potential hires helps reduce turnover, cut costs, ensure quality customer relations, guard against loss prevention, and maintain a safe working environment. Our employee background check is fast and reliable and our services are offered at competitive prices that are affordable for any business, large or small.


Education Verification

Most organizations develop job responsibilities and compensation packages based on academic qualifications. An Education Verification confirms what education establishments were attended, diplomas, degrees & certificates awarded, dates of attendance, and additional information as available.


Criminal Record Verification

Before you hire, you should perform a criminal check on every prospective employee. Why? When you conduct criminal background checks, you will quickly find out whether the person you are considering hiring is someone you can trust.

Some people will go to extreme measures to hide the fact that they have criminal records. They may even lie on their job applications. By conducting employee background checks on all potential hires, you can get the whole story. Companies that require criminal background checks on all applicants reduce their risk of liability lawsuits and jeopardizing the safety of their workplaces.

PRTR works directly with the Royal Thai Police. The standard search covers a 7 year period from the date of the request. Results from this criminal record check are typically returned in 15 to 20 working days.


Pre-Employment Credit Report

Pre-Employment Credit Reports are provided by the national credit bureau. These reports offer insight into the applicant's reliability and a sense of their personal responsibility.

Reports include derogatory credit information, public filings (bankruptcies, liens and judgments), account standing with creditors and previous address history.

Credit reports allow you to quickly verify and expand on information you receive from applicants. They reveal additional information that may require further review of the applicant and their history and they provide credit information that would not be shared by applicants but may have an impact on job performance.