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An introduction to Prtr Employee Check

Ever since PRTR was first established in the early 90's we have been a part of the roller coaster ride that is Thailand's economy. We were here for the rise of the property boom, the collapse of the local currency, the agony Thailand endured facing up to the severe demands of the IMF, the downfall of the American mortgage market, Thailand's ongoing political power struggle, and to top it off the shocking floods of 2011.


We are now playing our part in Thailand's future, in which we believe will see diminishing poverty, a steady annual growth, enhanced health and welfare services, an escalating domestic demand from a growing middle class and a business environment that believes in transparency and honesty. As a business process outsourcing, staff outsourcing, executive search, recruitment and manpower placement agency we are very much looking forward to being involved in this period and see an extremely prosperous future for Thailand and for PRTR.