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Our Employment Verification process in more detail

It's not uncommon for applicants to be less than truthful about their employment history. Whether it's a genuine mistake or intentionally misleading data, it's important to verify these details so you can make a more informed decision on whom to hire.


At PRTR, our background specialists perform rigorous employment verification checks to ensure all hard data submitted in resumes is accurate. This includes dates of employment, positions held, salaries, reason for termination and eligibility for re-hire, to name a few.


In addition, we attempt to identify the name of your candidate's supervisor at the time of their employment, so they can potentially be used as a reference should the applicant grant permission.


Employment verification also differentiates between the truly honest mistakes and the intentional attempts to hide information, or exaggerate previous positions in order to further one's career.


Performing full background checks provide the necessary information so you can employ the right person for the job, which reduces turnover, cuts cost, improves productivity and helps maintain a stable working environment. Employment verification is just one of the many process that should be undertaken when recruiting new staff.